250 Total, m²
- Living, m²
2 Floors
6 и более Rooms
Published: May 11, 2019, 6:14:12 PM
Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Olimpia Manor ... a paradise in a forest, not far from the sea ...

The combination of luxury, elegance and sophisticated style is one wonderful combination that finds its application in - to its unique complex. This is our first complex with detached houses, made in the classical style.

The luxurious interior, magnificent landscape design, the excellent location of the houses, the distance from the noisy city, the mix of sea and forest air create the ideal atmosphere in the complex. Each person who has visited this fabulous place will return here again and again, captivated by the beauty and majesty of the bewitching houses.

The Olympia complex is a closed type complex in which All the necessary amenities are offered for a good rest. Year-round, 24-hour security and a beautifully designed green square with exotic vegetation, trees in the complex give it sophistication. The complex will also have an outdoor pool, rotunda, barbecue, surrounded by beds with beautiful vegetation, fountains, gazebos and places for rest and relaxation.

The area in which the complex is located is very attractive, new and rapidly developing. Nearby there are new complexes and hotels. Additionally, for the convenience of owners and their guests, the fact that the beach is only a few minutes from the complex, and the beach strip itself is famous for its beauty and breadth in the area.

The complex is the estate "Olympia" borders the forest, which is an excellent combination for relaxation and tranquility.

We offer houses with an area of 150 square meters. m, 250 sq. m and 350 square meters. m, to which there is a terrace of 30 square meters. m, which is a bonus and is not included in the quadrature of the house. Each of the houses is built of first-class high-quality materials and with high ceilings of 3.40 m. Each house has a fence, the size of the yard to it depends on the area of the house.

The distribution in each house is designed according to the individual requirements of the client with to meet the needs of all customers.

Property class Elite
Number of rooms 6 и более
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2 and more
Floors in the house 2
Total area 250 m²
Living area -
Kitchen area 18 m²
Ceiling height 3.2 m
Balcony балкон
Balcony area 30 m²
Repairs designer
Furniture нет
Gas нет
Electricity есть
Water central water supply
Sewerage central
Heating electric
House number -
Village Name Olympia
Construction phase New building
Year of construction 2014
Distance from моря
Distance 200
Type of house кирпичный
Add. building on the site -
Parking ground
protected area
the bath
steam room
€525 000
250 Total, m²
- Living, m²
2 Floors
6 и более Rooms